Polli:Nation project workshops

Long term projects include workshops with a variety of communities in different places. Over the last eighteen months I have been working as a facilitator on a  Learning Through Landscapes project with 8 schools in East Anglia, helping them to learn about the wildlife in their school grounds, in particular pollinators who provide 80% of our food stuffs.

The national Polli:Nation project has 260 schools involved altogether who are linking it to their curriculum, it is HLF funded, working with several universities and using high tech resources to analyse the survey results. The Opal survey will be used in wider research to find out what is happening for our pollinating insects and therefore our food supplies. Students and staff are learning a lot and transforming their outdoor areas, for the benefit of wildlife and people as a result.

St Felix planning
Burton End planning
Spotting insects
Castle Manor Haverhill allotments
tools for the job
Polli:Nation tool box ready for next season