Welcome to the FrostArt ‘Outside In’ blog

Today is the start of a new blog. This is where I will be sharing ideas and plans to make things that are either just for fun, some will be useful and most will use materials you already have in the house or find outside. Life has changed, we can’t do or go to all the things we are familiar with because of the corona virus and we need to find different ways of living and working. For me all workshops, exhibitions and events have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future. I also need to find ways of relating to family and spending time with grandchildren without being able to visit in person. Who knew we could make such good use of the technology we have all become familiar with?

As a family we often spend time making and doing together, so we plan to do ‘Ready, Steady, Make!’ each week.
I hope you will join me find things that can be adapted into something new, transforming rubbish into beautiful and maybe precious items.
Each post will have one outdoor and one indoor activity. I will give an indication of how long I think each might take to make but of course it will be up to you how long you spend on each.
For most of workshop activities you are likely to need some tools and materials. Collect them together and put them in a box or drawer will mean you know where they are each time. A box for indoor making and one for outdoors might be a good idea too if you have space.

For inside
An apron
Waterproof covering for table or floor
a tray or shoe box
an old basket or container for collecting things outside

Tools and materials
spoons – large and small
a trowel
a garden fork
an old blunt knife

For outside
A coat and hat, gloves or sunshade, depending on the weather
Outdoor shoes
A cushion or rug to sit on, if you are going to stay outside.
A board to lean on
A piece of paper, a camera or phone,
Pencils and crayons in a box or pencil case
A container ot collect things

It would be great to see what is made, please take pictures of what you make and we can share them.
If you have ideas and suggestions that you would like to try let me know and they could be included. We are all learning together, some of you might be able to translate the notes into other languages and share with friends abroad.

Thank you for joining in with this, I hope we get to do some good things together.
Please follow the blog to make sure you can see what is happening, or click on the subscribe button at the top of this page.