Outside In: Bottling sunshine

Welcome to the FrostArt ‘Outside In’ blog 

Thank you for joining in. If you have ideas that you would like to try let me know and they could be included.

For most of workshop activities you are likely to need some tools and materials. Collect them together and put them in a box or drawer will mean you know where they are each time. A box for indoor making and one for outdoors might be a good idea too if you have space.

This week spring has really warmed up, there are so many flowers in bloom and because there is less traffic I can smell many more than usual. Or maybe I am just spending more time outside noticing.

The colours of flowers get brighter and more intense and the insects are much more active as the temperature rises.

After the rain has stopped and when you have made some flowers, it’s a good time to sit and watch the insects and see which flowers they choose to visit.
What colour is favourite?
What shape is most visited?

Indoor Activity
Making flowers from plastic bottles.

You will need
Recycled bottles, any size. They can be clear, white or colourful.
Bottle lids
Short canes, approximately 50 cm
Fine wire, recycled wire is often available from discarded electronic goods.

Sharpie pens
A metal skewer or bradawl
A thick mat or piece of wood to protect your table top

Download or print instructions Making plastic bottle flowers April 2020

Use the flowers as labels, to show where you have planted some seeds.
Make a bunch of them in the winter, place them somewhere the sun can shine through, see what happens when the shadows fall on a wall or piece of card.

Outdoor activity
Collect 3 different flowers from your garden, verge, field or a hedgerow if you are allowed. Could be a daisy, dandelion and clover.

You will need
A pair of scissors
A magnifying glass
Pencil crayons
Glue or tape
Take the flowers apart very carefully with scissors and tweezers.
Use the drawing below to help you label the parts.
You could draw the parts or stick them to a piece of paper with glue or tape. You may need to take them inside to do delicate work.

Flower parts
Identify flower parts