New venue

I am excited to run my Basket Making and Sculpture willow workshop at Brakehill Lodge Farm, near Thetford on November 17th, booking is already filling up so there are bound to be lots of interesting projects to hear about.

New Shapes for the new season

John Clare baskets
Random weave containers

Random weave baskets can be tricky to make, but are great for all sorts of uses, to hold balls of wool, fruit, and even Easter eggs.

Come and learn how to make them at the workshop on March 3rd at WWT Welney

Art Science Event at Telefonica, Madrid

A different sort of workshop audience and opportunity, I was part of the team presenting work as part of SRUK at Telefonica, Madrid. 3 scientists, 3 artists presenting work as part of Madrid Science week.
Jonathan Heras, Juan Gonzalea-Varo, Ana Lopez-Ramirez, Tomas Di Domenico and Marta Fuster Barutell

This was a really interesting event to take part in, the next presentation will be in Cambridge, UK. look out for updates


Christmas decorations workshops at WWT Welney this month, combining natural and recycled materials. What’s your Christmas Style this year?

People always add their own character to the willow shapes, balls, stars, hearts, trees they make.

The workshop at Isle of Ely Primary has resulted in a wonderful Giant Apple for Ely’s Apple Day on Saturday 21st October

The whole school took part, everyone learned how to manipulate willow. We are all very proud of the result! The idea of how much apple crumble you could make with this was a good one!

Preparations for an exciting commissioned workshop are taking place on October 10th with children from Isle of Ely Primary School to make a Giant Apple for Ely’s Apple Day on Saturday 21st October

Regular monthly Willow workshops start on September 23rd at WWT Welney, see the calendar for dates and topics.

miniature baskets

This term is a busy one with several workshops and projects already in place and some more in the pipeline. Come back soon to find out more.

If you want to book workshops for a private event, a group or organisation please contact me

Bottle tops and colours
Colour Theory and recycliing
Materials and recycling
Recycling workshop