Outside In: Finding and collecting colours

Welcome to the FrostArt ‘Outside In’ blog

Thank you for joining in. If you have ideas that you would like to try let me know and they could be included.

It would be great to see what is made, so please take pictures of what you make and we can share them here.

For most of workshop activities you are likely to need some tools and materials. Collect them together and put them in a box or drawer will mean you know where they are each time. A box for indoor making and one for outdoors might be a good idea too if you have space.

For inside
An apron
Waterproof covering for table or floor
a tray or shoe box
an old basket or container for collecting things outside

Tools and materials
Spoons – large and small
An old blunt knife
A piece of paper, a camera or phone
Pencils and crayons in a box or pencil case

For outside
A coat and hat, gloves or sunshade, depending on the weather
Outdoor shoes
A cushion or rug to sit on, if you are going to stay outside.
A board to lean on
A trowel
A garden fork
A container to collect things

Today’s Inside Activity and great idea was contributed by Tabitha Frost
You will need
Two sheets of paper
6 colours of Crayons or paint and brushes
Camera or phone

On the first sheet of paper 
Make 6 different coloured squares on the page, write the numbers beside the six colours, you could also write the words for the colours and numbers.
On the second sheet of paper
Draw a large oval

Can you find items in the house to match the colours and numbers? Place them next to the colour they match.

You could draw or take photos of the things you find.
Where will you find things, are they all toys, are some from the bathroom or kitchen? What are they made of?

Today’s Outside activity
You will need
Colours list
Camera or phone
Magnifying glass
A container for collecting things in

Take your colours list and see what you can find outside, can you find items to match the colours and numbers?
You might find things in the garden, on a walk or a bike ride. 
You could draw or take photos of the things you find.
You could make a face from the things you collect.


You might pick flowers or leaves, at this time of year lots of plants are very small and will grow larger soon. Please remember to ask for permission before picking anything.
You could measure the selected items, then go back each day and measure again. How much will it grow in a week?

If you have photos of making or using the ideas please share them, all contributions will be acknowledged. If you have a website you want to recommend tell us about that too.