Outside In: for Earth Day

Welcome to the FrostArt ‘Outside In’ blog 

Thank you for joining in. If you have ideas that you would like to try let me know and they could be included.

For most of workshop activities you are likely to need some tools and materials. Collect them together and put them in a box or drawer will mean you know where they are each time. A box for indoor making and one for outdoors might be a good idea too if you have space.

Earth Day is on Wednesday 22nd of April, see details below https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2020/
I plan to make kites and fly them so people nearby can join in so if you have a kite or want to make one do join in, maybe we can get it happening all over the country, or even further!

What is flying in the skies near you? In the East of England I haven’t seen a swallow or house martin yet but there are lots of butterflies out in the daytime, and moths in the evening.

There are far fewer aeroplanes at the moment so the noise outside is different.
What can you hear? Under the cherry tree I can hear lots of bees, honey bees and solitary bees.

What can you smell? because there are fewer cars and buses the smell of the air is different. Are there flowers or trees nearby making the air scented?

It’s good to think about the whole earth and what is happening in other places, not just the bit nearest to us.
You could plan a call to link up with friends and family abroad and find out what the season is in other countries, what flowers and wildlife are they seeing?

Inside activity
Kite Making requires some assistance for younger children.
You will need
Plastic or paper bags in all sorts of colours. The thicker ones work well.
Paper or card, to draw your kite template
Pencil or pen
Marker pens
short canes or dowel, approximately 50 cm
Hole punch
Sellotape or other plastic sticky tape
A long reel of string, fine polyester string is best
A small piece of card to wind the string on
Instructions are here for the Sled Kite

The Sun Kite designed by Jeremy Carson is really good too,  made from paper and drinking straws, see https://antofthy.gitlab.io/kites/paper_sun.gif

I hope you found kite making fun, I need to go and sort out my kites and make sure all the strings are untangled!

Outside activity
Now it’s time to practice flying your kite! You could do it on a short line from a window or  somewhere safe outside. I hope you have fun out there, do share pictures or videos to show everyone what you did on Earth Day 2020.

Kites and instructions online