Textile Workshops

Be ready for a Celebration Day in the Fens, June 20th 2020 

Fascinating Fens are coordinating community events, see https://fascinatingfens.com/blog/.

If you are interested contact them here https://fascinatingfens.com/contact/

The Fens and Ouse Washes Story Quilt will be available for storytelling events by community groups. To find details about hiring, links to people and organisations involved and suggestions for how to make good use of it the link is here for Story Quilt details

There are no textile workshops currently in the calendar, if you would like to host one or want to know details of future workshops please contact Jane

Jane Frost uses recycled and found materials for textile workshops. Techniques include hand stitching, weaving and spinning. Workshops are provided for all ages and are designed to suit  groups skills and abilities.

Standard topics include ‘Stitch and Expression’ ‘Weaving a Walk’ and ‘Fair Trade – Material Matters’.

Workshops take place at a wide variety of venues including museums, galleries, schools, colleges, libraries, country parks, riverside walks, cafes and village halls.

Cathedral bird
Cathedral Whale
Stitch and expression workshop
Stitch and expression workshop

To talk about projects and book workshops for your group or organisation please contact Jane